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About Us


About Hawtshop is a fashion portal which provides local designers space to showcase their portfolios, market their brand and sell directly to the customer through the portal. is the first fashion E-portal of Pakistan. Hawtshop is essentially a service company providing space on its E-Commerce website which aims to implement an integrated marketing strategy to ensure large volume of targeted traffic on the website and generate sales.

Hawtshop allows emerging Pakistani fashion artisans, designers and small textile businesses to showcase their portfolios, market their brand, and sell products directly to the customer through the portal. Hawtshop provides comprehensive E-commerce solutions to its partner brands by handling the logistics, E-marketing and financial aspects of the transaction and at the same time assimilating valuable market trends based on consumer data for the brands to analyse product development strategies.

Hawtshop primarily focuses on selling fashion products from the sub-continent, produced by local artisans and apparel designers along with those of large local brands in the worldwide market. The major products marketed by the website are locally designed apparel, shoes, handicrafts, pottery and paintings. The company provides equal opportunity to everyone displaying their collection. Hawtshop does not charge emerging vendors for creating their profiles, developing their portfolio for online website and marketing them as a brand. promotes the brands and merchandise online and establish markets based on comprehensive market research for specific kind of goods. In addition, the company also provides training and market insight to the vendors to improve quality and modify their work according to the current market trends. 


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